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Call for Submissions: boats & ships ⛵️

boats & ships ⛵️ When we're little, we play with boats and ships. Some of us use them daily to get to school or work, or some of us might even work on a ship or need a boat to do their job. Other people build and fix boats. Style, form and tradition around boats...

Looks like sunshine!

Sunshine! We all see the sun every day. Even if it’s not sunshine every day. She has an influence on us and everything that we see and don’t see. No matter who and where we are in this world.

GEMP - Call for submissions sun

Call for Submissions: Sun ☀️

Sun ☀️ We all see her every day. She has an influence on us and everything we see and don’t see. No matter who and where we are in this world. But do we actually see and acknowledge her enough? When we put on sunscreen? When we eat our food, that wouldn’t exist…

TQU’s #TheGalleryProject

#TheGalleryProject includes artworks by 47 artists from 27 countries…

TQU Photo Competitions

Climate Crisis, What Now? and Your Favourite Place are three of the photo…


What is Branding?

What is Branding?

“Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.” – Jeff Bezos “Your brand isn’t what you say it is. It’s what they say it is.” – Marty Neumeier If these statements are true, then what do we mean when we say we help with branding? In my course I...

Verena vor ihrem Schreibtisch

Hello, I'm Verena, and I help women*, who are ready to set and reach new goals, to release blockages.

So that they can become the best version of themselves and live and lead extraordinary, successful and fulfilling lives, that they can fully enjoy. My approach is holistic, in harmony with nature, challenging, creative and fun.

Do you want to reach your goals as well?



only sometimes
it seems

as if
you could really

in the world

On the Road

Exploring new places, meeting new people, finding a new piece of the mosaic that makes this world so incredibly beautiful is my greatest joy, and I am infinitely grateful for every opportunity that I had so far to explore it. Most of the time I didn’t have a lot of money, and so I got to almost all of these places through scholarships or through engagements of some sort.

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Tips & Tricks for Websites, Design & Marketing

Since 2005 I work as a self-employed web and media designer and was able to support fantastic projects this way. You can find out more about my work by visiting Verena’s Design Studio. If you are interested in working with me, send me an email!

Here on the blog you will find some articles that can support you in working with your website.

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Can we be free as individuals, while there are others who are not free?

Does my freedom come at the expense of others?

What does freedom have to do with responsibility?

In this podcast, 25 people from Europe and beyond share their thoughts around these questions. Together, their voices let us discover something that is beyond words, something that could not be said by one person alone. Are you really free?

Upcoming Dates:

New Year – New Projects

Exhibitions, Events & Publications

Queer Art? @ EU-R CSF

Queer Art? @ EU-R CSF

EU-Russia Civil Society Forum/ Гражданский Форум ЕС-Россия: „1989-2019. Reflecting Europe. Am 5.-6.12.2019 trafen wir uns im Berliner Haus der Statistik um Bilanz zu ziehen und in die Zukunft zu schauen: Wie klang 1989? Woran haben wir uns in diesem Jahr erinnert und...

Ausstellung: Drawings/Connections

Ausstellung: Drawings/Connections

Datum: 14.06.2019 – 7pmOrt: FrauenNachtCafé, Mareschstr. 14, 12055 Berlin About Drawings/Connections Verena Spilker is a queer artist from Berlin. Her drawings of animals, landscapes and moments build a connection between the object and the observer. She explores the...


Interview: Pelican Bomb

Interview: Pelican Bomb

Queer Traces: Transnational Queer Underground’s #TheGalleryProject Ben Miller talks with Verena Spilker about a Berlin-based project that raises questions about how to create more inclusive archives and how communities can form through art. When queer people express...

Interview: Sleek Magazine

Interview: Sleek Magazine

Transnational Queer Underground is an artist platform dedicated to bringing artists from all over the world together and making queer voices be heard. In times when LGBTQ people are still being persecuted and even murdered as reported in Chechnya, forming a strong...

Interview: FELGBT

Interview: FELGBT

We talk with Verena, the creator of Transnational Queer Underground “#TheGalleryProject is a transnational repository of queer art open to everyone. Collages, comics, paintings, photographs, performances and installations –among other formats– participate in such an...

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To open a small shop, in which people can buy something that brings joy to themselves or those they care about, has always been my dream.

So, I'm starting with this little online shop.


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