#1 – Nerd issue

We finally made it: Make Out Magazine is being printed at this very moment!

We’re all really excited about it and we’re going to celebrate like hell. The release party will be on Saturday, November 26th at Scharni (Scharnweberstr. 38) with live music from Confused Being Alive, Käptn Awesome, You’re Only Massive plus DJs Viola, Very Serious and Joey Hansom.

And here’s a little bit about the enthralling content that the magazine is going to present you:
There will be articles about sex work, the delusion of the word “rape”, a tribute to Poly Sterene, welfare experiences, reproductive technology, the Girls‘ Rock Camp and much more. In line with our main topic NERDS, we have a DIY handycraft introduction to nerdglasses, an interview with chaos computer club and an exclusive nerd mixtape compiled by homoground.

Come to the party, get the magazine and find out more about the wonderful world of MOM!




Confused Being Alive

Käptn Awesome

You're Only Massive



very serious

joey hansom

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